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First aid makes a difference in the workplace and at home

As a paramedic, I recently responded to a call in a local store for a female who may have been having a seizure. When I entered the store, staff greeted me at the door and guided me several aisles down to a female lying on her side on the floor. Store staff had already redirected customers away from the scene while another staff member was down by the injured woman’s side, keeping her calm.

Disaster-ready in British Columbia

We all know that it takes skilled medical professionals to respond to health emergencies around the world. But behind the scenes at our field hospital training exercise in Victoria, BC, we saw first-hand how many people it takes to prepare them for deployment. 

After a frightening moment, her life was saved

This is the touching story of Marc R. Côté, a Red Cross first aid instructor, who saved the life of a colleague who was choking. Would you have known what to do?

Tune up your knowledge of first aid

What better way to celebrate World First Aid Day than with some fun tracks with a first aid twist? We’ve come up with our top 10 songs inspired by first aid. From rock to hip hop, artists have been singing about a surprising number of first aid scenarios, from bleeding to broken bones. Check out this eclectic playlist and some useful tips and the life saving actions to take when faced with common first aid emergencies. 

Do you know how to save a life?

At any given time, skills learned through first aid training could help someone in need or even save a life! Take for example the recent news story of two Toronto men who spent their flight to Beijing keeping a man alive who was suffering from a cruising-height heart attack; or the story about an EMT volunteer who saved a newborn baby’s life, after being notified of the nearby emergency through his smartphone app.

Quick thinking saves a life and leads to a Rescuer Award

The quick thinking and heroism Jared Nieboer displayed on a crisp Saturday morning in October was recently recognized by the Canadian Red Cross.  The Alberta man was presented with a Red Cross Rescuer Award last month for the actions he took to save a man from a car accident.

A healthy place to shop in more ways than one

Whole Foods grocery stores are a great place to shop if you are focusing on your health. But a team of employees from the Mississauga location took “being healthy” to a whole new level when they saved the life of a co-worker last summer.

Americas Field School training

For the past two weeks, a number of Canadian Red Cross staff and three Canadian Red Cross delegates joined 54 participants from over 30 National Societies at the Americas Field School training in Pedro Santana, Dominican Republic. This field school training brings together regional responders in a mission like setting where participants interact with real people, assess community needs, and deliver services to communities.

Canadian Red Cross News

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