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Building a future, one bedsheet at a time, with Canadian Red Cross in Nepal

Each hospital bedsheet that Deki Tamang washes represents another brick in the new home that she hopes to build for her children one day. Since the Nepal earthquakes reduced her house in Dhunche to rubble, the mother of four has worked full-time at the laundry in the Canadian Red Cross field hospital operating on the site of the original damaged hospital.

Medical teams on the move in Nepal: Canadian Red Cross treats people displaced by the earthquakes

Rocking and pounding for hours along a rubble-strewn road that looks more like a mountain goat trail, the Canadian Red Cross mobile medical team is on the move. Four times a week, a doctor, nurse and translator with the Canadian field hospital in Dhunche, Nepal, load heavy metal trunks filled with medical supplies and travel to surrounding villages along earthquake-ravaged roads.

Nepal students have first aid lessons…and a little fun too

In a half-constructed classroom open to the sky, about 65 Nepalese students laugh, wave their arms and carefully mimic the gestures of a young woman in a Red Cross and Red Crescent vest.

A day at the Canadian Red Cross field hospital in Nepal

On a misty, pre-monsoon morning at the Canadian Red Cross field hospital, a colourful line-up is forming of elderly Nepalese women in traditional embroideries and heavy brass earrings, crying children, and a few proud, wiry men.

Nepalese children find fun and safety at Canadian Red Cross play space

Tucked in her mother’s lap, two-year-old Sandya Tamang watches other children build blocks, count wooden beads, and tussle over stuffed toys.

It’s Sandya’s first day at the play space created by the Canadian Red Cross for children affected by the Nepal earthquakes.

Helping to save lives of mothers and babies in Nepal

Shortly before her first child was due, Diki Dolma trekked for days across mountain trails devastated by the Nepal earthquakes to reach the Canadian Red Cross field hospital in Dhunche.

Providing support amidst aftershocks in Nepal

It's funny how the body instinctively becomes attuned to aftershocks.  When I first arrived in Nepal, I wasn't sure what to expect and it was only after experiencing a few that I began to recognize the telltale signs of a tremor.  It could be external factors, like dogs barking crazily for no reason, or the birds suddenly going silent. Or it could be the sensation of a subtle rocking motion causing one to lock eyes with someone nearby to confirm that the ground is, in fact, moving.  

Canadian aid worker describes delivering aid after Nepal earthquakes

Fortunately, the roads reopened within a week of the earthquake and we were able to begin transporting supplies by truck.  The team moved quickly to set up camp, assist the local medical staff with their workload and begin mobile clinics on foot to reach otherwise inaccessible communities around Dhunche.

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