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Tech Talk: American Red Cross launches "Hurricane App"

As the United States braces for Hurricane Isaac, our friends at the American Red Cross are encouraging those in hurricane-prone areas to download its free smartphone application designed to provide information to those who may be affected by hurrican...

Why do we name storms?

After all the damage they cause, haven’t you always wondered why we’re on a first name basis with weather phenomena like hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones? The answer is that the use of short, distinctive names allows for quicker and more precise...

Tech Talk: Tracking hurricanes? There’s an app for that!

August is the time of year when those of us who live on the east coast start paying closer attention to updates from the Canadian Hurricane Centre. Admittedly, we’re weather geeks, but we’ve also experienced the devastation that hurricanes and tropic...

Food Friday: hurricane cookies

*Every Friday is all about food on Red Cross Talks – everything from Red Cross inspired recipes to emergency food tips and solutions.   What goes better with a big, cold glass of milk than a hurricane.... cookie. Yes, that’s right – a hurricane co...

Volunteer spotlight: A Red Cross family to lean on

*This week is National Volunteer Week, a time for the Canadian Red Cross to recognize our dedicated volunteers who donate their time and talents from coast to coast . Over the course of the week we will use this blog to share stories about our volunt...

The Red Cross Round-up

*The Red Cross Round-up is written by Katie Robinson, communications coordinator for the Canadian Red Cross * The Round-up offers a weekly sample of what our Sister Red Cross Societies are working on around the world. HAITI: Over the weekend Hu...

Images from Tomas

We have been watching closely all day, as hurricane Tomas has brushed the western coast of Haiti. Here are the first images we have received from the city of Leogane, where there have been floods.[slideshow]

Texting in Haiti

Red Cross experts in Haiti have been working around the clock to prepare for the tropical storm, Tomas, expected to hit the vulnerable country this week. In addition to getting emergency supplies ready so that they can be quickly distributed when ...

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