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Natasha Osmond: sharing skills with new friends for a better future

Natasha Osmond, a perioperative nurse from Halifax, recently returned from Dhunche, a rural community in Nepal, where she worked at the Red Cross field hospital. On this, her first overseas assignment, Natasha was responsible for patient safety, legal aspects of nursing, and management of nursing activities related to surgery. 

​Resilience in recovery: three months since the Nepal earthquake

Today marks three months since the first of two earthquakes devastated Nepal. With more than 100 aftershocks, many people have lost their lives, homes and livelihoods. The earthquakes impacted 5.6 million Nepalese with more than 853,000 homes damaged or destroyed.

​Distributing relief in hard to reach communities in Nepal

At around eight in the morning on a dry Thursday morning during monsoon season, a big Red Cross truck full of relief supplies shows up in front of the local school in the community of Kalikasthan.  Volunteers start unloading hygiene kits, blankets, kitchen sets and tarpaulins.

​Keeping communities healthy after the earthquake in Nepal

Eight colourfully dressed Tamang women sit in the community health post in Goljung in Rasua district, high in the Himalayas of Nepal. They’re the local community health volunteers and they usually take care of 10 to 15 patients a day in the remote community of 1,000. Today they’ve gathered around to meet the Canadian Red Cross health team.

Photo of the day: Teaching first aid in Nepal

Local Nepalese staff including drivers and translators hired to support the Red Cross field hospital in Dhunche are getting first aid training this week.

Dispatch from a Canadian nurse working in Nepal

It's hard to believe that I have already been in Dhunche one week. This morning when I got up, the sky was clear enough to see the snow-capped mountains in Tibet and Langtang Mountain. Usually, this region is a trekker’s paradise, but the earthquakes and ongoing instability of the landscape have changed that for now.

Building a future, one bedsheet at a time, with Canadian Red Cross in Nepal

Each hospital bedsheet that Deki Tamang washes represents another brick in the new home that she hopes to build for her children one day. Since the Nepal earthquakes reduced her house in Dhunche to rubble, the mother of four has worked full-time at the laundry in the Canadian Red Cross field hospital operating on the site of the original damaged hospital.

Medical teams on the move in Nepal: Canadian Red Cross treats people displaced by the earthquakes

Rocking and pounding for hours along a rubble-strewn road that looks more like a mountain goat trail, the Canadian Red Cross mobile medical team is on the move. Four times a week, a doctor, nurse and translator with the Canadian field hospital in Dhunche, Nepal, load heavy metal trunks filled with medical supplies and travel to surrounding villages along earthquake-ravaged roads.

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