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Winnipeg Ob/Gyn shares experience at Nepal Emergency Field Hospital

First-time Canadian Red Cross delegate Dr. Michael Boroditsky of Winnipeg shares his experiences working in a rural emergency field hospital in Dhunche, Nepal. 

Round-up: Updates from Iraq and Afghanistan

The Round-up offers a weekly sample of what our sister Red Cross Societies are working on around the world.

In photos: Nepal recovery six months on

Six months on from the Nepal earthquakes, we take a look at recovery still taking place in devastated regions. These are photos from Nepal, where the Canadian Red Cross set up a field hospital to provide emergency medical care following the earthquake six months ago. 

Six months after the Nepal earthquakes: A Red Cross delegates remembers

On the six-month anniversary of the Nepal earthquakes, Al Alcock, a Canadian Red Cross aid worker from Whitehorse, lists colourful memories of  time spent with the disaster relief and recovery team, which continues its efforts there.
Six months after the Nepal earthquakes, I’m thinking of the people I met while working at the Canadian Red Cross field hospital in the remote village of Dhunche. Here’s what sticks in my mind after four weeks working there.

Red Cross volunteer Lynn Henderson shares experiences from a month in Nepal

With 20 other highly-trained Red Cross delegates, plus a mobile field hospital and operating theatre, Lynn flew into Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu shortly after the first earthquake.

Within a few days, an entire Basic Health Care facility had taken shape near the remote village of Khokundole. The night they finished, Lynn pulled on her toque and climbed into a sleeping bag, knowing her real work would start the next day.

Nepal: Red Cross field hospital handed over to local health district

All is abuzz at as preparations get underway for the handover of the Canadian Red Cross field hospital (ERU) to the District Health Office in Dhunche, Nepal.

Orders are being filled to replenish medicines and equipment; boxes are being counted and recounted for accuracy; and the din of ongoing training sessions for doctors and nurses continues, punctuated only by the laughter of children playing in the nearby psychosocial support tent. Something is happening in Dhunche. Something exciting.

Photo of the day: Six-year-old Zeyan donates to Nepal for his birthday

It was a great surprise at our Burnaby, B.C. office as six-year-old Zeyan Walji dropped off a whopping $881 to support the Canadian Red Cross Nepal Region Earthquake Fund. Zeyan asked his friends and family for cash donations to help people in Nepal, in lieu of other gifts for his birthday.

A new beginning for the patient known as "Mr. Smiley"

Today news came of a high point in a story, passed on by many, that began on April 25, 2015.

The message read “Today, August 4, we transported our dear Mr. Smiley and his brother to Dhulikhel Spinal Cord Injury”. It was sent by Red Cross nurse Kirsty Robertson of Toronto who is part of the current Canadian Red Cross team working at the field hospital in rural Dhunche, Nepal. She was eager to share Mr. Smiley’s happy outcome, as it has been a team effort, the result of the care and concern of some of the 100 or so Canadians who have helped provide medical care to local people for over three months in the mountainous setting.

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