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Alberta fires: expressions of support and compassion from donors to evacuees

Canadians across the country came together to support evacuated residents from Fort McMurray. To date, more than $135 million has been raised by Canadians from coast to coast to support immediate emergency assistance, re-entry needs, and long-term community rebuilding for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

South Sudan and Fort McMurray: family ties

Marial Mayom Riak and his uncle Anyuon Awan meet each other with smiles, hugs and a traditional greeting. It has been years since they last saw each other, but the two family members, from opposite sides of the world, are brought back together through the Red Cross and the Fort McMurray fire.

Thank you for being a hero!

We asked our generous donors to share a message of support with the people of Fort McMurray. We were overwhelmed by their response

Photo of the Day: Grandma Jean returns to Fort McMurray

“I’m so glad to be back in town,” says the feisty 86-year-old Jean Jensen, who locals affectionately call Grandma Jean. “I’ve been here over 40 years fighting for Fort Mac, and I’m gonna keep on fighting ... because I love it here."

Laurence Lépine: Providing psychological first aid in Alberta

Canadian Red Cross volunteer Laurence Lépine is a member of the Safety and Well Being Team working at the Welcome Centres in Fort McMurray. Members of the team have expertise in psychological first aid and assist people under stress in disaster situations. In Fort McMurray, Laurence assists people who have been under mandatory evacuation orders and are returning to homes that may have been damaged or destroyed by the wildfires that ravaged many areas of the northern Alberta community.

The first to evacuate when wildfires threatened

James Collier believes he and Rita Fudge were the first residents to evacuate when the wildfires were approaching Fort McMurray.
“When that fire hit the valley [across the river] I called Rita and told her it was time to get out,” said James. Soon after that call, he was home. They quickly hitched their camper to their truck and headed south. Leaving early, they avoided the mad rush that ensued when the mandatory evacuation order was issued and thousands of people raced to get out of town.

Red Cross support comes full circle for volunteer in Fort McMurray

In 2009, the Red Cross was there for Jillian Mullowney. Now a disaster management volunteer, Jillian shares her inspiration for working with the Red Cross, her experience helping support those impacted by the Alberta fires, and the day everything came full circle. 

​Winky Rides: Celebrating his 10th birthday back in Fort McMurray

When the fire began to threaten Fort McMurray at the beginning of May, Allan MacDonald said he was sent home early from work, with just enough time to grab the necessities: his furry friend Winky, an extra pair of clothes, and a bag of dog food.. 

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