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Mental health matters: How to emotionally prepare yourself for an emergency or disaster

As Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Mental Health Week and Emergency Preparedness Week coincide, we focus on the importance of prioritizing mental health and wellbeing during times of crisis.

Red Cross in action: How we are reaching people in Ukraine and surrounding countries

In times of humanitarian crisis, finding accurate details and facts can be challenging in a sea of information. Both misinformation and disinformation can put our Red Cross staff, volunteers, and the people we seek to help at risk. Here’s how the Red Cross is helping on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding region.

The Journey from Syria to Canada and the Canadian Red Cross

“My life as I was leaving Syria took the path of the unknown. I wasn’t sure what would happen next.” Read Ghufran Othman’s story about her journey from refugee to volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross. 

Tapping into local expertise to help people impacted by the conflict in Ukraine

It has now been almost two months since I packed my bags and headed to Europe to support the Red Cross response to the conflict in Ukraine. I can’t help but think of the millions of people who have also had to leave their homes, under very different circumstances, unsure of what they will eventually return to. The word “millions” doesn’t do these people justice. They aren’t just some anonymous number.

Creative fundraisers: The many ways Canadians are helping those in Ukraine and surrounding countries

Here are some amazing examples of how people across Canada have been moved to help in creative ways, using their interests and passions to raise money to help those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

How two Canadian Red Cross nurses supported Alberta's COVID-19 response

After 38 years as a registered nurse, George Rudancyz came out of retirement to help the Canadian Red Cross COVID-19 response. 
"I have extensive training in critical care that I should not just hold back,” says Rudancyz, explaining his decision. “I just want to help. I am glad to help. I should offer my time and skill to others."

Partnerships and preparedness: Philippine Red Cross and Canadian Red Cross over the years

The Philippine and Canadian Red Cross have a strong relationship that began in 2013 when responding to typhoon Haiyan. Nearly 10 years later, the partnership has been strengthened resulting in positive impacts on both sides. Learn more about how this partnership came to be and the key to developing enduring international relationships.

Ukraine conflict: Red Cross provides much-needed support to people leaving the country

Canadian Kathy Mueller is currently working with the International Federation of Red Cross Societies as communications coordinator for the Ukraine humanitarian crisis; here, she shares her experiences.

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