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Lifejacket safety poll

National Life Jacket Safety Day is coming up on May 20, so we thought we'd do this quick little poll to see how many people are wearing life jackets when they're on the water. Give us a hand! Take two seconds and place your vote here: http://twtpo...

Red Cross Toronto Region wins award for being green and healthy

Using environmentally friendly products and working up a sweat at a weekly yoga class helped Red Cross Toronto Region staff and volunteers make themselves and their environment healthier this past year. So much so that Toronto Region recently won ...

World's largest Red Cross

Just saw this very fun blog about a new world record in Norway for the world's largest Red Cross. Over 1,000 people wearing red ponchos were needed to make this! Red Cross in Oregon thinks this just might even be cooler than the world's largest sushi...

Some Red Cross facts for World Red Cross Day

May 8 is World Red Cross Red Crescent Day celebrating the good work the Movement does every day around the world. Why is today World Red Cross Red Crescent Day? Well, it is the birthday of Henry Dunant

Prepare-aphernalia: The Backpack Couch

*Special thanks to our sister Society in Oregon, RedCrossPDX, for this awesome blog One common excuse people give for not having an emergency kit: "I have nowhere to put it." Okay, fair enough. Maybe you live in one of those adorable tin...

Stay tuned for Emergency Preparedness Week

Disasters can strike quickly and without warning. If a hazardous material leak required your family to evacuate or a severe winter storm confined your family at home, would you know what to do? An earthquake, flood, tornado, or any other disaster cou...

Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes...with snack foods! (Part 1)

We loved this blog from our friends at RedCrossPDX in Oregon, we decided to post it. There are some easy ways to demonstrate how volcanoes and earthquakes work! Last year I was fortunate to work with Oregon State's Robert Lillie, a Professor of Ge...

Why Red Cross in Ontario is blogging

At the Canadian Red Cross, Ontario Zone, we’ve been toying with the idea for some time now to launch a blog. In our early discussions about it, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was who will our audience be? The answer was not difficul...

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The purpose of this blog, quite simply, is to talk. This blog is an opportunity for Red Cross staff, volunteers, supporters and friends to share stories about what is happening in your community and the important work you are doing. It is a tool that will help keep all of us connected.

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