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Food Friday: Philippine favourites for the holidays

Considering the recent news from the Philippines, I thought to dedicate a Food Friday post to Filipino foods as a way to share part of the culture and to keep the Philippines in our minds over the holidays.
While many of us are celebrating the holidays, the Red Cross continues the important work of helping the country recover from the deadly typhoon. A dedicated Canadian medical team is spending the holidays in Ormoc where a Red Cross field hospital has been set up.

Food Friday: Home-cooking on the east coast for the holidays

The holidays have a way of sneaking up on us sometimes. Next thing you know, there are a lot of cookie swaps going on, fruit cakes in stores and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate... everywhere!

I checked in with some Red Crossers to find out what’s on their plates for the holidays. Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit delegate, Lynn Henderson, is sharing the recipe for her family tradition – homemade bagels.

Food Friday: One bean at a time

For Food Friday, we often share recipes or fun food ideas, but this week, we’re sharing with you a story about an initiative in Cameroon to help the community grow its own crops and become sustainable – one bean at a time! This story was written by M...

Food Friday: Apples and pumpkins, oh my!

It's the season for apples and pumpkins, and Red Crossers are sharing some of their favourite seasonal recipes, which are fun for the family.Michelle Wallis, from the Fund Development team in Ontario, says come this time of year, her family roasts th...

Food Friday: Thanksgiving recipe swap

It’s Food Friday and Red Crossers are swapping Thanksgiving recipes to help with your holiday dinner. If you have a large family like Joan Tierney from Red Cross headquarters in Ottawa, you might find it helpful to prepare some dishes in advance. ...

Food Friday: Gobble Gobble!

Gobble Gobble!  Yep, it’s that time of year again. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought we’d check in with what special plans Red Crossers have and what is on their menu for the holiday this Monday. One thing is for certain, Re...

Food Friday: Klik with Bunnuck in Moose Cree

Pepperoni pizza. Club house sandwich. BLT. Chili. Salad wrap. All sounds like pretty good food, right? Now, instead of using regular meat or tofu in those dishes, just add Klik. Klik? What’s that, you say? Well, think of it like SPAM’s sister, or the Canadian version of SPAM.

Food Friday: A recipe for fundraising success

[slideshow] A team of Red Crossers from Toronto are on a roll with their fundraising efforts for the Mississauga Marathon. The recipe to their success: Jean, Samantha, Radmila, and Erin hosted a lunch where they served handmade vietnamese vegetarian ...

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