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Beat the heat with refreshing cool drinks

Summer can bring warm, sunny weather and, after our Canadian winters, some welcome heat. When our summers heat up, it’s always important to keep your cool.
So to help beat the heat, and stay hydrated, indulge in tasty, refreshing beverages to keep cool - here are some recipes for your enjoyment:

How to make Spam taste good, even in a disaster

Last week I discovered that Spam can actually taste good. Four Saskatoon Chefs battled in a Disaster Dining challenge and one even shared his recipe.

Food Friday: This one takes the cake!

Over the years, we have shared a lot of recipes and photos of Red Cross inspired food, but this one takes the cake!

Food Friday: Bake Sale Success

This week the Red Cross in Ontario hosted a bake sale to raise funds. The communications team was responsible for baking up some goodies to sell. We had a little help from our social media friends too. Here’s a (mouth-watering) glimpse of what we were up to. Happy Friday!

Red Cross Cookie Monsters – we want to hear from you!

The communications team at the Canadian Red Cross in Ontario has been tasked with hosting a bake sale next week at our headquarters in Mississauga. Help me choose which cookies to bake to ensure a successful bake sale. 

Food Friday: Simple recipes to beat the heat

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about keeping cool in hot weather. In it, I mentioned the unchanged fact that you couldn’t pay me to turn on my stove or oven on hot summer days so I thought to share a few no-cook recipes.

Food Friday: There’s nothing like a BBQ to start the long weekend!

Red Crossers Colleen Lowe and Terrellyn Fearn grilled up a storm during a special summer BBQ celebration. More than 75 staff at the Ontario Red Cross head office took a break to enjoy the summer weather (or should we call it the it’s-not-winter weather?!) and burgers, hot dogs and other goodies. 

Food Friday: Preparing food in times of emergency

So now you’re prepared and have your emergency kit packed and stored somewhere easily accessible in times of disaster, but should that happen, what do you have in your kit to eat?

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