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Welcome to Canadian winter: After the winter storm

The blizzard has finally passed. The ice storm has stopped raging. Your home is snowed in and the power is out, though thankfully your household members are safely inside. For many newcomers, the aftermath of a winter emergency requires a safe and strategic approach, including advanced planning.

Welcome to Canadian winter: Preparing for winter storms and emergencies

Across Canada, winter can take many forms, ranging from wild storms to bone-chilling power outages. While many Canadians are familiar with how to prepare for winter emergencies, newcomers to our country may not be.

Welcome to Canadian winter: Navigating in winter conditions

Getting out and about during winter is something that newcomers need to prepare for in advance. Breathtaking, frozen Canadian landscapes require special knowledge, skills and planning to navigate safely. Many classic wintertime activities involve being well prepared before getting started.

Welcome to Canadian winter: Dressing for winter conditions

Canada’s famously cold temperatures can easily catch people by surprise. As newcomers learn about their new country, winter weather will be a big part of this introduction – so the Canadian Red Cross and Immigration Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) have teamed up to provide helpful advice to help them dress for winter success!

Welcome to Canadian winter: preparing newcomers for their first winter

For all of its beauty, Canada’s winters can be harsh, long, and full of unexpected or hidden dangers. Luckily, with some practical cold climate planning and winter safety knowledge, new Canadians can arrive ready for real life winter situations.

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