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Working together to slow a COVID outbreak in Iqaluit

As a COVID-19 outbreak in late April and early May 2021 impacted Iqaluit, Mayor Kenny Bell knew that help was needed. The Canadian Red Cross was brought to Iqaluit in mid-May to provide additional support to a homeless shelter in the city but, by the time the team left, they had also done Epidemic Prevention and Control (EPC) assessments for 13 organizations across the city. 

Using volunteer opportunities to discover a new passion

Canadian Red Cross volunteer Zoe has brought her skills to several roles from organizing events to answering phones. Read how Zoe's diverse volunteer experience allowed her to discover a new passion. 

Imagining a world without bullying on Pink Day 2016

From PEI to BC, our Red Cross staff and volunteers celebrated Pink Day yesterday. Check out some of the highlights from Pink Day events and activities held throughout the country.

Keeping smiles on kids' faces: Red Cross volunteers entertain children at shelters for evacuated people

Red Cross volunteer Fabrice Vanhoutte loves putting a smile on children’s faces. So, he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve for the young people in a Saskatoon shelter.
“If I see a kid who is upset, I don’t necessarily go right up to them but I stay nearby and play my mouth organ or start showing a card trick,” says Vanhoutte.

Going home: an exciting day for evacuated people

It’s an exciting time for some of the people evacuated by the Saskatchewan wildfires who get to return to their communities. There are plenty of smiles as they board buses on their way back home. Most have mentioned looking forward to sleeping in their own beds; others are excited to see their pets.

Helping people separated by the Saskatchewan wildfires find each other

Getting separated from family during the confusion of a disaster is one of the most frightening things that can happen to people. That's why the role performed during the Saskatchewan wildfires by Red Cross volunteer Barb MacLean is so important.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders share important messages about bullying

Three Saskatchewan Roughrider players have had a very busy off-season. Since attending Red Cross bullying prevention training camp in December, Neal Hughes, Scott McHenry and Dan Clark have been travelling throughout Saskatchewan talking to kids about how they can stop bullying in its tracks.

How to make Spam taste good, even in a disaster

Last week I discovered that Spam can actually taste good. Four Saskatoon Chefs battled in a Disaster Dining challenge and one even shared his recipe.

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