Missing Maps: Aviva Mapathon

By Fanni Barocsi 

Aviva Canada recently hosted its third mapathon as part of the Missing Maps project, where participants, including staff from Aviva and Red Cross, spent part of a day mapping remote Canadian communities. During a mapathon, mapping enthusiasts and first timers are invited to help map out buildings and roads in a chosen vulnerable community. This activity is one example of an ongoing partnership between Aviva Canada and the Canadian Red Cross to help Canadians in times of disaster.

Krishna Kumar mapping
As an avid mapper, Krishna Kumar was delighted to join the annual Aviva Mapathon. He feels that joining the mapathon allows him to reach out and help people because completing these maps makes it easier for emergency responders to organize recovery missions during a disaster.

Gwen Cheung is also a veteran mapper. It’s her third year of mapping with Aviva to support the Red Cross. In fact, she maps in her spare time and recruited her kids to help! “It’s a fun and helpful thing to do and a great way to connect with my kids,” she said.
Gwen Cheung mapping
Cleo Robbie in front of Global Mapathon sign
Cleo Robbie, a first-time mapper was excited to participate. “It feels tangible and you don’t need a lot of knowledge to make an impact.”

The mapping fun was not restricted to those who could attend in person. In fact, Aviva had a large community of remote mappers helping the initiative from all over. “Although, they were not part of the room they were part of the community,” said Tom Scinto from Red Cross.

The Missing Maps project, founded by the American Red Cross, British Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, is an initiative designed to help remote communities better prepare for emergencies. By mapping out the locations of buildings, houses and roads in vulnerable communities, the Missing Maps project can identify potential hazards and possible evacuation routes. This ultimately strengthens these communities in the event of a natural disaster.
Decor from Aviva Mapathon
The Red Cross has a long-standing partnership with Aviva Canada that started back in 2015. They were our founding Community Health & Wellness Corporate Partner, helping senior citizens and vulnerable people living with illness or injury gain better access to essential community health services. They were also the first insurance company to become a Corporate Partner of our Ready When the Time Comes program.

The Missing Maps project is a great way to give back and participate in the humanitarian effort. During the 2017 B.C. Wildfires, the Red Cross relied on maps to analyze the movement of evacuees and coordinate crucial resources where they were needed most. This is only possible because partners like Aviva Canada help pave the way and put everyone around Canada on the map.
Canadian Red Cross Staff at Aviva Mapathon

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