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My daughter is cautious, my son is fearless but water safety skills prepared them both

My kids couldn’t be more different, and it is never more apparent than when they are around water.
My daughter is the cautious one. When learning to swim, the edge of the pool was always within arms’ Lisa's fearless son at the poolreach. My son, on the other hand, has no fear. His audacious nature has been the cause of many anxious moments for me. Pool parties, summer camp, visits to the beach, and even moments during group swimming lessons have been worrisome. I was the mom who had to have the instructor ever so gently suggest that it might be better for everyone if I waited outside the swim hall until after class. Seriously? How did I become that mom?
But, in these fret-filled moments, I have to remind myself that I’ve taken all the proper precautions to keep my kids safe while in and around the water.

For our family, swimming lessons are not an extracurricular; they are a necessity, a life skill. They also know they are only allowed in backyard pools when either myself or another parent is watching, and they must wear a lifejacket when on a boat – a fashion statement they know better than to argue with me about.
I’ve realized that being around water is a normal part of childhood, and that as long as I’m vigilant about teaching them to respect the water and ensure they are properly supervised, pools and beaches can be a place for many enjoyable family moments.
This summer, don’t miss any of the fun moments! Stay close to your kids when they’re around the water and share your captured moments with us using #summersillies.     
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