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The Saskatchewan Roughriders share important messages about bullying

Three Saskatchewan Roughrider players have had a very busy off-season. In December, Neal Hughes, Scott McHenry and Dan Clark went through Red Cross bullying prevention training camp. In the months since, they have spoken at 71 Saskatchewan schools and reached over 20,000 kids with an important bullying prevention message.

Neal Hughes posing with kids holding Stand Up to Bullying signs
Roughrider player, Neal Hughes, holds 'Stand Up to Bullies' sign with students at Grenfell Elementary School in Grenfell, SK.
Scott McHenry speaking to students.
Roughrider player, Scott McHenry, speaks to students in Shaunavon, SK.
Neal Hughes and Dan Clark speaking to students.
Roughrider players, Neal Hughes and Dan Clark, speak to students at Father Porte Memorial Dene School in Black Lake, SK.
Dan Clark poses for selfie with kids
Roughrider player, Dan Clark, stops for a selfie with students from St. Vital School in Battleford, SK.
Neal Hughes sits with kids below a Welcome to Rosemont sign
Roughrider player, Neal Hughes, stops for a photo with students at Rosemont School in Regina, SK.

They even got to make a special trip to Northern Saskatchewan. Neal Hughes and Dan Clark travelled 2,600 kilometres, visiting four Northern communities (Southend, Pelican Narrows, Stony Rapids and Black Lake) in just 34 hours!

These players share their personal experiences with bullying as well as talk to kids about being someone else’s hero by speaking up when they see bullying happening. In case you didn’t know, the Riders are a pretty big deal here in Saskatchewan, so for these kids to hear from their sports heroes really helps drive the message home that bullying isn’t ok and that everyone has a role to play in preventing it.

Roughrider player Neal Hughes just announced his retirement from professional football. We wish him all the best and thank him for all his support and for working with us to spread the word about bullying prevention. He’s a true team player!

Find out more about the Saskatchewan Roughrider partnership with the Red Cross in Saskatchewan and how to get them at your Saskatchewan school here.
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