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Help those in need this holiday season – give the gift of food, warmth and comfort

As December is upon us and we prepare to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, sharing gifts, traditions and special moments with loved ones, and reflecting on the year that has passed, we also want to invite Canadians to help us bring warmth and comfort to people who are not as fortunate in communities across the country.
During winter months, Red Cross sees a surge in families and individuals who need our help. Donating to the Canadian Red Cross holiday fundraising campaign will provide that help to those who need it most, through our Disaster Management and Community Health services.

It’s simple – visit  and you can select how you wish to support someone in need by donating the gift of food, warmth or comfort. Some options, just to name a few:
o   A gift of $15 will provide a day of hot meal delivery to someone in need through the Canadian Red Cross Meals on Wheels program.
o   A gift of $30 is enough to provide family groceries for one day to help speed up the recovery of a family suffering through tragedy.
o   A gift of $50 is enough to provide a set of replacement clothes for an individual who may have lost everything in a house fire.
On average, the Canadian Red Cross assists 10,000 Canadians affected by personal disasters each year. They happen in our communities every day, with house fires being one of the most common.
Give the gift of help and hope with your donation. By supporting the holiday campaign, you can ensure one less Canadian is feeling hungry, cold, or alone this winter. 
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