Red Cross puts life-saving help in your pocket

The Canadian Red Cross today took a giant leap into the mobile world, launching its first-ever mobile app. The app is ground-breaking for us, but more importantly, it can save your life. The official Canadian Red Cross First Aid App, a free download for Apple and Android devices, lets you brush up on your first aid skills and get safety tips for common disasters, and provides on-the-spot advice to guide you through a medical emergency.

One small stepMany Canadians lack the confidence to provide life-saving basic first aid. While nearly 7 in 10 Canadians say they would recognize the signs of a life-threatening emergency, like choking or a heart attack, fewer than half are confident they have the skills to help.

With nearly 40% of Canadians saying they’ve been in an emergency where they’ve had to provide first aid, this app can save lives by giving bystanders the confidence and advice they need to save a life. The app’s videos will guide you through a variety of emergencies, from heart attacks to burns to deadly bleeding. Fully integrated with 911, it will prompt you to call for medical help in an emergency. The videos and advice are fully contained within the app – making it work online or off – so emergency advice is always in your pocket.

The first aid app will never replace your first aid training, but can give you the confidence that you’re doing the right thing in a life-threatening situation, and help you prepare for emergencies and sharpen your skills. If you’re among the 8 in 10 Canadians who haven’t taken a first aid course in the last three years, download the app and sign up for a course. The majority of Canadians who’ve used their first aid skills have helped a family member. A basic CPR course can be as short as an afternoon, and could be the most important thing you do for a loved one this year.

Here's an example of the kind of help the app will give you in an emergency:

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