Tech Talk: Help us amplify the call for protection in Syria

We are inviting Canadian Red Cross friends and supporters to join the Red Cross Red Crescent Thunderclap campaign for Syria, to bring attention to the on-going humanitarian crisis and to call on all parties in the conflict to respect and protect volunteers and aid workers and allow them to deliver assistance safely and unimpeded. Since the conflict began, 22 Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers have lost their lives while on duty.

The Thunderclap campaign aims to sign up supporters to simultaneously share this message on December 5, 2013, to mark International Volunteer Day.

Thunderclap is a tool that helps amplify a message through social media by getting as many supporters as possible. If a campaign meets its goal by the deadline, the message will be simultaneously blasted out from all registered supporters on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. It not only amplifies social media reach but also increases the odds of a message trending on social networks, further bringing attention to a cause or campaign.

Thunderclap keeps track of a campaign’s progress and its social amplification. Supporters can also share with their friends and promote the cause. Participating is easy. You need to authorize Thunderclap to tweet or share the campaign’s message on your behalf should the campaign meet its goal.

In essence, it’s supercharging the use of social media for good by enabling supporters to speak in a united voice.

Thunderclap made a big splash on World Humanitarian Day 2012 when a UN campaign promoted by Beyoncé met its goal of 1 billion social reach, calling on participants to ‘do something good.’

We encourage you to participate, share this Thunderclap campaign with your friends and show your solidarity.

Photo credit: Ibrahim Malla/IFRC Photo credit: Ibrahim Malla/IFRC


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