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Photo of the Day: Syrian Arab Red Crescent

Every day, we publish a photo to show the Red Cross at work across the country or around the world. Do you have a photo to share? Let us know!

Staff and volunteers from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent provide vital relief to people in the town Bloudan, 50km North-West of Damascus.  Together with the ICRC and IFRC, they have provided medical relief and food aid to people in need. Since the beginning of the unrest, Syrian Arab Red Crescent headquarters has distributed through its branches 22,925 food parcels, 10,000 hygiene parcels, 6,194 kilos of baby milk, 3,260 mattresses, 3,884 blankets as well as jerry cans, kitchen sets, medicine, children diapers, first aid consumables, and stretchers.

Photocredit: Ibrahim Malla – Syrian Arab Red Crescent

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