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The Red Cross Round-up

The Round-up offers a weekly sample of what our sister Red Cross Societies are working on around the world.

MADAGASCAR: On February 14, tropical cyclone Giovanna landed on the East coast of Madagascar.  The Malagasy Red Cross responded well before the cyclone, with over 1, 400 volunteers participating in an early warning campaign and working with local radio stations to broadcast alert messages. Following the cyclone, Malagasy Red Cross volunteers started to assess the damage and the resulting needs. They joined the search and rescue operation and then helped them to move to the camps, providing first aid where needed.   In the eastern region, many of the volunteers were personally affected but this has not stopped their work helping other victims of the disaster. Nearly 600 volunteers have been deployed so far.

MALDIVES: Following the recent political unrest in the country, the Maldivian Red Crescent (MRC) and the ICRC are providing humanitarian assistance to the people most affected, focusing on first aid and support for health care facilities.

SYRIA: The ICRC is urging the Syrian authorities and all others involved in the ongoing violence to implement a daily cessation of fighting for at least two hours, in all areas affected, to allow the prompt delivery of humanitarian assistance. A temporary halt in the fighting would allow the ICRC and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to step up their assistance significantly and better respond to the vital needs of the population.


ICRC = International Committee of the Red Cross

IFRC = International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

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