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What are the odds?

Our Red Cross personal disaster assistance volunteers recently responded to a house fire in Waterloo caused by a strike of lightning.

The volunteers were called to the severely damaged home at 4 a.m.  When there is a personal disaster such as this, Red Cross volunteers will help set the family up in a hotel room and make sure they have the basic necessities that they immediately need; blankets, food and personal hygiene products.

This lightning strike got me wondering...what are the odds of being struck by lightning?

Environment Canada says that lightning is one of the most common sources of weather-related property damage. However, it reports that the odds of a person being struck are about one in less than a million.

According to those odds, you’re more likely to be hit by lightning then win the lottery.

Did you know?

 On that note, our tip of the day: when the thunder roars, head indoors

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