More Red Cross Recipes - introducing "Survivor Sushi"

I was hoping that my recent dinner party for Emergency Preparedness Week would spark some discussions. It did and then some! I have spoken to so many people about preparing for an emergency, eating during an emergency and just eating in general that I have been asked to have a bi-weekly blog about Red Cross and food.

Some Twitter friends were recently talking about the idea of “Survivor Sushi” – sushi you can make at home during a disaster. @Foodie411 shared this great sushi idea with us from for Peanut Butter Sushi. Check it out:


You Will Need


  • Your favorite bread
  • Peanut butter
  • Sliced fruits and veggies
  • Jam (optional)
  • Mini marshmallows and crispy rice (also optional)
  • Honey (again, optional)

1. Trim the crust off your favourite bread and gently use a rolling pin to flatten it

2. Spread peanut butter over one side of the bread

3. Add sliced fruit and veggies. Long this slices laid down horizontally create the best-looking maki as they show up nicely when the rolls are cut.

4. Pipe an additional soft spread (like jam) over the fruit and veggies. (Optional)

5. Add any additional yummy elements, like mini marshmallows or crispy rice. (Also optional)

6. Gently roll the bread forward, making a large cigar-like tube.

7. Use a chef's knife to cut into slices and arrange on a plate.

8. Drizzle honey or flavoured syrup on top of maki rolls. (Again, optional)

I am always looking for blog ideas (food or non-food) so if you have any suggestions post a comment below.

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