Not even a snowstorm will keep this volunteer grounded

For Anne Huitema, of Barrie, volunteering for the Canadian Red Cross is more than interest – it’s a full-time promise to her community. She has been volunteering with the Red Cross for 30 years, delivering food and supplies with Meals on Wheels.

Anne loves to tell stories to seniors she gives meals to. Sometimes, she is the only person they have talked to that day, and she is always looking for another way to help out and brighten someone’s day. She calls it “bringing a little sunshine” around with her.

One of her most unique memories during her 30-year volunteer experience includes delivering meals in a raging snowstorm. Even though Meals on Wheels had been cancelled, she was determined to get the meals to her clients. Along with her program manager, Jan, they delivered the meals successfully.

Anne’s enthusiasm and devotion to her volunteering is appreciated by everyone around her, and she plans on volunteering for as long as she can.  “It truly makes my life richer,” she says

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