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Food Friday: Why I love Spam

In a recent Twitter conversation about spam (the junk mail), it came up that Red Crossers tend to talk about Spam (the lunch “meat”) quite often because it's an no-brainer for any emergency preparedness kit. Through the conversation, Red Cross Talk friend Farah Ng confessed she eats it – and not only does she eat it, but she loves it. So we asked Farah to write us a blog for Food Friday and explain her love for Spam (the “meat”).

**Guest blog by: Farah Ng

I love Spam.

You may call it mystery meat but I call it misunderstood. Here's why I love Spam – it's likely similar to why Spam is so useful during emergencies:

1. It's quick, convenient and inexpensive.

There were months during university where I could barely afford to do laundry, never mind gourmet. During those months, Spam was there for me. Never one to cook well or properly, Spam was a sure, safe bet for protein.

2. The possibilities are endless.

Due to its high fat and sodium content, Spam is the perfect substitute for bacon or ham. Nothing beats a warm bowl of noodles in soup topped with a fried egg and a few thin slices of Spam lightly pan-fried on both sides.

In Hawaii, they even serve Spam like sushi – on a ball of rice, wrapped with seaweed. Google “Spam Musubi” if you don't believe me. (We did Google it and found this photo we posted on the blog. Also, click here if you want to learn how to make it.)

3. The memories.

When I was little, my mom would make the best Sunday brunch. I'd wake up to smell of bacon on the grill – but it was never bacon, it was Spam with a side of scrambled eggs. And it was amazing.

It's not every day I get sentimental over luncheon meat. But I guess when times got tough, Spam was always a sign that things would be okay and that they would get better.

Only thing was, when things got better, I couldn't let go of my Spam.

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