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Chilean Red Cross provides support during miner rescue mission

I am sure that many of you were as glued to your TV as I was earlier this week, while watching 33 trapped miners in Chile be pulled, one at a time, out of the ground to safety.

What you may not have seen on TV was the Chilean Red Cross, who was on scene providing support since the start of the ordeal. Forty volunteers worked in shifts to provide constant company and psycho-social support for the miners and their family and friends, for the entire time they were trapped and then rescued.

The Red Cross also helped to coordinate the activities of other humanitarian organizations at “Camp Hope”, the base of the rescue operations.

Their efforts definitely did not go unnoticed by the miners. Check out the flag below that the miners signed and sent up in September for the Red Cross, specifically thanking Martita Flores of the Caldera Chapter for all of her support. She was especially instrumental in providing support to the miners' families including, as other volunteers had done, washing their clothes in efforts to alleviate their distress.

To our friends at the Chilean Red Cross, we are really proud of you. Great work!

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