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Transcript - Alberta Fires: 6 months On

  • On a recent visit to Fort McMurray, I met Rewaida, who runs a local shop along with her family.
  • She told me that she never expected to need the Red Cross in her lifetime.
  • Then her family lost their home in the fires, and they needed help. The Red Cross was there.
  • Many of the 90,000 people who were evacuated during the Alberta Fires were like Rewaida. They’ve always supported the Red Cross, but thought our help was for others. 
  • Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, we were able to give them all the support they needed.
  • Now Rewaida plans to join the Red Cross as a volunteer. She’s giving back, as so many Canadians have given to help her community.
  • People from coast-to-coast saw fellow Canadians in need and responded.
  • It was a true Canadian moment.
  • From raising money at the office, to neighbourhood lemonade stands, to volunteering their time, thousands of people found a way to help.
  • Together with matching money from the federal and Alberta governments, the Red Cross raised more than three hundred million dollars.
  • Every single day, your donations are making a difference. In Alberta, and across the country. For those who have returned home to Fort McMurray, and for those evacuees who have decided to make a new home in other provinces.
  • We were there in the earliest hours. And we were waiting, ready, in Fort McMurray on the day that families started returning home.
  • Remember: people had to leave everything behind and they all had different needs.
  • We’ve helped with housing.
  • With replacing furniture.
  • With baby supplies and medical expenses.
  • We’ve funded food banks and community groups. 
  • We’ve helped small businesses to open their doors again. 
  • And we’re not done yet. The Red Cross will be on the ground as long as we’re needed.
  • For the latest report on our work visit  We want you to know exactly how your money has been spent.
  • And we will share the ongoing success of these resilient people.
  • This community is rebuilding. And you’ve been helping.
  • As always, thank you for being there.
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