Mobile home in Alberta destroyed by fire

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April 22, 2013

Mobile home in Alberta destroyed by fire

Jerry Kachenko was in bed on March 3, when her husband, Norm, woke her up at approximately 1:30 a.m., telling her that a fire had broken out in their mobile home. Norm, who had just gotten off of a 21-day shift in Edmonton, Alberta, pulled Jerry outside in her pajamas as their house went up in flames.

The couple, residents of the Parkland Acres trailer park in Lacombe, Alberta, ultimately lost their home and their possessions in the blaze.

However, with assistance from the Canadian Red Cross, one of Canada's most active charity organizations, they were able to gain much-needed support during their time of need.

Providing a silver lining
Jerry and Norm evacuated their home and waited for emergency staff to arrive. Although no one was injured in the fire that broke out in the trailer, the couple's possessions were all destroyed, as was their home.

After the fire, the couple faced several obstacles, including loss of shelter and belongings - they also needed to wait for their insurance to be made available, making it difficult for them to move on from the incident.

However, the Canadian Red Cross was there with aid for the couple, including hotel accommodations, food and clothing. For Jerry, the support they received made a world of difference and helped them after they were affected by the fire.

"It just meant everything," says Jerry. "If it wasn't for (the Red Cross), I don't know where we would have went."

Despite the devastating setback that the couple has endured, they remain optimistic about the future and what possibilities it may bring.

"We're the phoenixes. We're coming out of the ashes," adds Jerry. "We will rise above this and we will march on."

How you can help
From fires to flooding, when emergencies and disasters occur, the Canadian Red Cross strives to help those in need in a variety of ways. By providing access to essential necessities like food, water and clothing and by also offering a range of programs that impart valuable skills, the Canadian Red Cross gives people the opportunity to gain resources and overcome future challenges.

With the support of Canadians like you, the Canadian Red Cross is able to continue responding to people affected by hardships, as well as other humanitarian work.

To help those impacted by incidents today, please donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office. Each contribution allows you to make a difference. 

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