How has the Red Cross honoured International Women's Day?

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April 12, 2013

How has the Red Cross honoured International Women's Day?

Across the globe, the Canadian Red Cross strives to help those who have been affected by emergencies and disasters. As one of the most active charity organizations in the country, the Canadian Red Cross supports a range of programs that address the needs of people living in communities that have sustained damage due to different incidents.

When conflict breaks out in certain parts of the world, it can have an immense impact on the most vulnerable people living within the region, like women and children. The services that the Canadian Red Cross provides aim to improve gender equality and bolster violence and abuse prevention for women. 

The Red Cross Movement honours International Women's Day, a worldwide event established by the United Nations to raise awareness of the crimes of violence perpetuated against women and girls.

Helping women in need
Violence and abuse can affect women in many different ways, however, with the assistance of the Canadian Red Cross and other members of the Red Cross Movement, women are able to gain resources and overcome challenges.

"Inequality takes many forms and is rooted in the imbalance of power dynamics between individuals, which can lead to discrimination and violence," said Bekele Geleta, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. "Addressing women's unequal access to education, economic resources and decision-making power is essential to boosting their resources and capacity to protect themselves, their families, livelihoods and communities."

One of the most significant ways that the Canadian Red Cross helps women in need is through its support of maternal health and wellness programs like ENLACE and the REDES Project, which work to improve access to essential health services for women.

Show your support
The Canadian Red Cross strives to help women in need around the world. The variety of services offered help people affected by adversity overcome challenges and acquire new skills and knowledge that can prevent situations - including those in which violence and abuse are factors - from occurring.

With the support of Canadians like you, the Canadian Red Cross can continue to offer assistance to vulnerable women around the globe.

To show your support for this humanitarian work, you can donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office today. Each contribution benefits women impacted by emergencies, disasters and other hardships.

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