Calgary couple makes an impact as volunteers for the Canadian Red Cross

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February 01, 2013

Calgary couple makes an impact as volunteers for the Canadian Red Cross

For those who are affected by emergencies and disasters in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross plays an important role in providing relief during times of need.

As one of the country's leading non-profit organizations, the Canadian Red Cross is committed to improving the circumstances of those who have endured adversity, from acts of violence to unexpected emergencies to natural disasters.

The Canadian Red Cross strives to make a difference with its actions on the ground, yet often, all it takes is one person to leave behind a lasting impact on someone's life. Or, in the case of Calgary natives and Canadian Red Cross volunteers Marcie and Dave Jensen, it takes two.

Marcie and Dave's story
Marcie and Dave Jensen live in Calgary, Alberta. Marcie works for Shaw Cable as a real estate coordinator - her daily tasks include handling real estate transactions, such as purchases, sales, and leases, for over 500 offices located throughout Western Canada. 

Marcie also spends her time teaching students in Grades 10 and 11 at the Stetsons Show Band, a marching show band in Calgary, how to play the flute. Dave, who is a band instructor, works at the Vista Heights Elementary School and at Georges P. Vanier Junior High School.

While each leads a hectic life filled with professional responsibilities, they both know how important it is to find ways of keeping their connection going strong.

That's why Marcie and Dave started volunteering. Now the couple, who serve on the Red Cross' Disaster Response Team together, are able to spend time together and help people in the process.

"We are both so busy, [the] Red Cross is the one thing that often brings us together," says Marcie. 

"The people we help are so appreciative."
For Marcie and Dave Jensen, volunteering has provided a way in which they can assist people affected by life-changing incidents and share new experiences as a couple.

What made the Canadian Red Cross the ideal place for this busy Calgary duo?

"We started volunteering with the Red Cross... when the terrible fires in Kelowna forced many people from their homes - including Dave's grandmother," explains Marcie. "We felt so helpless but were impressed with the work of the Red Cross there. We decided to join the Red Cross on our return to Calgary."

But now, after several years of working with the Canadian Red Cross, there are other reasons why the couple chooses to continue their involvement with the organization.

According to Marcie, it comes down to feelings. "We keep volunteering because the gratification is instant. We feel like the things we do are so small but the people we help are so appreciative - it just feels so good to be a part of something like that."

Make a difference
The commitment of passionate volunteers like Marcie and Dave Jensen is what has helped make the Canadian Red Cross the organization that it is today.

With their skills and dedication, volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross work diligently each day to improve the lives of those in need around the country and the world.

By choosing to donate online at your local Canadian Red Cross office today, you can begin to make your own impact on the ground.

Your generous contribution will help the Canadian Red Cross train volunteers needed to respond to the urgent needs of people affected by crises and help give them the strength to rebuild.

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