Why should you choose Red Cross Swim Kids?

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October 30, 2012

Why should you choose Red Cross Swim Kids?

Has your son or daughter been eager to learn how to swim and gain exciting new skills in the water, but you've been on the fence about whether it's the right choice? While swimming may seem like a seasonal activity that kids only engage in during the summertime, it's actually a wonderful pastime that children (and adults, too!) can enjoy all year round.

Get swimming with the Canadian Red Cross
Get your kids started on the right path to water safety with a program like Red Cross Swim Kids, which is a flexible, 10-level program that teaches children essential skills and promotes long-term fitness and wellness.

For more than 60 years, the Canadian Red Cross has offered dynamic swimming instruction and leadership development programs that engage Canadians of all ages to improve their abilities in the water. More than a million Canadians enroll each year in these remarkable programs, while 20,000 annually become certified as Water Safety Instructors through the Red Cross' Instructor Development Program.

Why Red Cross Swim Kids?
You may be unsure which swimming program is the best choice for your family, but the Canadian Red Cross is a leader in water safety and swimming instruction throughout the country. With its fun-filled and interactive activities, innovative evaluation process and opportunities for socializing and leadership development, this program is a terrific way to help your son or daughter achieve his or her goals of becoming a strong swimmer.

Each child who's enrolled in Red Cross Swim Kids is closely monitored and given specialized attention if they have difficulties with a swim or safety technique. The 10 levels of Red Cross Swim Kids offer a streamlined way for children to gain remarkable skills in the water and are designed to impart important lessons onto kids.

The importance of water safety
Water Safety Instructors understand that each child progresses at his or her own pace. Before he or she is able to progress to the next level in the program, your child will need to master the techniques that each level teaches, which is an important way for your child to gain poise and confidence in the water. 

In addition, Red Cross Swim Kids helps children understand the fundamental basics of water safety, and how to react if they spot a potential hazard or emergency situation. The techniques that children are exposed to enable them to successfully operate in the water, while lessons help them understand the risks of drowning and how to prevent incidents from occurring.

Tax benefits for Red Cross Swim
Programs offered by the Canadian Red Cross like Red Cross Swim are eligible for the Children's Fitness Tax Credit, which encourages youngsters to engage in physical activity in an effort to promote long-term fitness and wellness. 

By contacting your local pool, you can learn if their Red Cross Swim program is eligible for the tax credit, which can vary depending on the location, as well as the frequency and length of the lessons provided by the Red Cross.

Choosing the Red Cross
To get your son or daughter started on an exciting new activity that will enable him or her to make friendships, gain vital swimming and safety knowledge and build leadership skills, visit online or contact your local Red Cross today to sign up for a Red Cross Swim course!

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