Red Cross provides vital aid after Fredericton fire leaves two dozen homeless

Topics: New Brunswick, Emergencies and Disasters in Canada
October 18, 2012

Red Cross provides vital aid after Fredericton fire leaves two dozen homeless

A fire on October 7 in the heart of downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, destroyed a three-storey building and left more than two dozen people homeless.

In a blaze of destruction
The flames burned uncontrollably, destroying the building and affecting nearby structures, including an office building.

The impact of a disaster
While no injuries were reported, the event has left the community reeling, with many people rendered jobless and others forced to seek shelter in emergency lodging made available through the Canadian Red Cross.

Disasters like this can happen at any time, but for the people affected, the impact of them can resonate for years to come. 

The loss of a home, as well as personal possessions and invaluable family heirlooms, can be disheartening for people. Yet in the aftermath of a fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane or other emergencies and disasters, the Canadian Red Cross responds quickly with a variety of services that can help those in need.

Help when it's needed most
This period can be turbulent and heartbreaking for those impacted, but the Canadian Red Cross is there to provide vital assistance and give affected families the tools they need to begin the process of rebuilding their lives.

While helping care for a person's basic needs by providing food, water and shelter is an essential service that the Canadian Red Cross can perform after an emergency, it's not the only way the organization works to empower people who need assistance.

Toward a brighter tomorrow
Disasters can negatively impact families, yet through the Red Cross' family reunification program in Canada, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers can find one another when they need help the most.

The Canadian Red Cross strives to empower communities and give aid to vulnerable people. To show your support for the Red Cross' disaster management and relief programs, and to help families in need make strides toward a brighter tomorrow, please donate online or at your local Red Cross office today!