Mom makes a difference as a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross

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December 31, 2012

Mom makes a difference as a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross

Violence and abuse prevention through education is one of the guiding principles of the Canadian Red Cross.

As the country's leading charity organization, the Canadian Red Cross works to reduce bullying, harassment, exploitation and other forms of abuse through informative materials and training courses which help educators and those in need better understand the warning signs of violence, as well as how to reach out for help.

While the Canadian Red Cross strives to empower individuals to develop healthy relationships, sometimes all it takes is one person, like Calgary volunteer Marion Stewart, to make a difference.

Marion's story
Marion lives in Calgary and is the mother of three children. She began volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross because she wanted to put a stop to violence and abuse.

Marion, who volunteered previously with victim services in Yellowknife, helps to educate on the dangers of violence by speaking directly to students in Calgary. Through her work as a volunteer, Marion has come to realize that peace begins at home and that everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship. 

"The greatest reward is when I know that my message has gotten across..."
As a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross, Marion has helped young people in Calgary gain the interpersonal tools they'll need to develop positive relationships with others and prevent violence and abuse from occurring.

According to Marion, the experience of volunteering has enriched her life in many ways, allowing her to build meaningful relationships, gain job skills and learn how to better relate with her own children.

"I would encourage anyone interested in helping kids and youth become stronger people, to volunteer with [the Canadian Red Cross]," says Marion. "It's an opportunity to work in an area that otherwise would not be available without a formal education and it can lead to many different paths and experiences."

But for Marion, the best part of working with the Canadian Red Cross is knowing how much of an impact she's making for people in her community.

"The greatest reward is when I know that my message has gotten across and that they will be different because of it," she adds.

How you can help
Violence and abuse prevention programs available through the Canadian Red Cross help people across the country break the harmful cycle of abuse. By educating Canadians on the consequences of bullying, exploitation and harassment, the Canadian Red Cross enables those in need to put an end to hurtful behaviors.

With your support, the Canadian Red Cross can continue to offer violence and abuse prevention services when they're needed most. Please donate online or contact your local Canadian Red Cross today to learn more. 

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