Red Cross in Lac Mégantic to Come to the Aid of Evacuated People

Topics: Quebec, Emergencies and Disasters in Canada
July 06, 2013

Montreal, July 6, 2013 – The Red Cross is mobilising volunteer teams and deploying emergency material in Lac Mégantic, to assist public authorities and come to the aid of people evacuated following the major fire caused by Saturday morning's train explosion.

Volunteers from Beauce and Sherbrooke to Lend Support
Volunteers from Beauce and Sherbrooke are on onsite to assist the Lac Mégantic team, and other teams will be mobilized throughout the day. The Red Cross in Quebec has a network of nearly 1,500 volunteers trained and ready to intervene in this type of emergency.

Emergency Shelter
The municipality has opened a reception and information centre and an emergency shelter at the Polyvalente Montignac de Lac Mégantic, where the Red Cross is helping to organize services. The some 1,000 people who have been evacuated are currently being sent there.

Mobile Rapid Response Unit on the Way
A Red Cross mobile rapid response unit is on the way with vital supplies (more than 700 beds, blankets and pillows, among other things). The Red Cross has two of these teams in Quebec, which are permanently staffed and ready to be deployed at any time.