Red Cross expands assistance in L'Isle-Verte following needs assessment

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January 25, 2014

L'Isle-Verte, January 25, 2014 - The Canadian Red Cross has been meeting with its partners and with those directly affected by the tragic fire that took place in L'Isle-Verte, Quebec on the night of January 22-23. Meetings were held throughout the day on Friday, January 24, to get a more complete picture of the situation and better assess the needs of those affected. Based on this assessment, the Canadian Red Cross, through its disaster assistance program, will help fulfill the principal losses, as well as continue to provide support, to those affected.

Thanks to the generosity of many donors, the Canadian Red Cross has already raised $150,000.  “We expect to reach $200,000 in donations through the course of the day today. After closely reviewing the situation, we believe that this amount will allow us to adequately meet the needs of those affected" said Pascal Mathieu, acting director general of the Canadian Red Cross, Quebec Division.

The Canadian Red Cross is currently fulfilling immediate needs by providing clothing, hearing and dental aids, mobility equipment and other items. Further assistance will be provided to people affected by the fire, including furnishings for their new residences, procuring special safety or mobility equipment, purchasing other household items and pharmaceuticals. The specific needs of each person affected will be evaluated through the course of individual meetings and will be designed to complement existing programs, such as personal insurance.

Additionally, the Red Cross is helping facilitate the diverse needs of families who are facing the loss of a loved one. This part of the program, offered to families in mourning, will offer assistance in off-setting travel costs, temporary accommodation and meals.

The Red Cross will continue to closely monitor the situation in close collaboration with public authorities and partners, to ensure the recovery needs of those affected by this tragedy continue to be fulfilled. "We would like to sincerely thank Canadians for their generosity and support.  Their generous donations will allow us to continue to provide support to L'Isle-Verte for as long as is necessary," added Mr. Mathieu.

About the Red Cross in Quebec

The Red Cross is an independent agency that operates as a volunteer humanitarian organization, and is the principal partner of the public authorities in providing services to those who have been affected by disasters. The Red Cross supports the local authorities and the Government of Quebec as required. 

The Red Cross acts before, during and after a disaster to meet the needs of those affected. In Quebec, as it does everywhere else, the Red Cross develops prevention programs, helps communities prepare and, through the generosity of its donors, offers material and humanitarian support to those affected by disasters.

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