Canadian Red Cross supports Fort McMurray and area community initiatives with $50 million

FORT MCMURRAY | June 02, 2016

Thanks to the generosity of Canadians, the Red Cross today announced a commitment of $50 million to support community initiatives in the region affected by the devastating wildfires in Alberta.
This financial support will help Fort McMurray and its surrounding area by encouraging community recovery initiatives through grant opportunities for community-based organizations and municipalities to plan projects or events intended to rejuvenate the spirit and vibrancy within their communities.
“Experience has shown that community groups are part of the fabric that is critical to providing services to assist with the full recovery of the people and communities affected by disaster,” said Conrad Sauvé, President and CEO, Canadian Red Cross.  “When responding, the Red Cross works alongside community groups to strengthen local initiatives or services and to avoid duplicating efforts. By working collaboratively, we are confident that Fort McMurray and its surrounding communities will build back stronger than before.”
Generous individuals, corporations, and community groups from across Canada have so far donated $125 million to assist the people affected by this disaster, of which $115 million has already been spent or committed. With this additional announcement today, the Red Cross has now spent or committed $165 million dollars on the Alberta wildfires response.
“Due to the generosity reflected through the number of donations we are still processing, and the anticipated funds yet to come through the Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta matching programs, we are announcing this additional commitment today to support efforts that will help bring the communities of this area back together in a positive way after such a devastating turn of events,” says Sauvé.
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