Red Cross

You may know who we are. But do you know what we do?

Our strength

is our volunteers and donors

We operate
300+ branches
with around 20,000 volunteers
from coast to coast.


Canadians use our programs
and services each year.

Ready to act

when disasters strike

Every 3 hours
we respond to disasters
big and small in canada.


In a disaster, the first
72 hours
are the most critical. This
is when we provide
essentials like food, shelter and clothing.


natural disasters
reported in 2014, affecting over 100 million people. That’s three times the population of Canada!

When disasters strike, people get lost. We reconnected 911 families
in 2014.


disaster response volunteers

ready anywhere, anytime.

susan's storySee how we respond to disasters. Watch Susan’s Slave Lake story >

Ready to support

those in our communities

wheelchair ambulance food somebody visiting an elder

To help people get back on their feet, we loaned 270,000+ wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and more to Canadians in 2014.

When the frail, elderly or disabled need to get
groceries, visit a doctor, go to a birthday party
or pick up a prescription,
we get them there.

Red Cross Mobile food bank
takes affordable and nutritious meals to those in need.

Living alone can be tough. We make it easier by paying visits to elderly residents who love having company.

Ready to prevent

injuries and abuse-and we help save lives


1,000,000+ Canadians take swimming lessons each year, and we made a big splash as a participant in the Guinness World Record-breaking largest swim lesson ever.

25,000+ Water Safety Instructors are certified each year.

4 hours: The time it takes to learn how to save a life with CPR training.

CPR case

The Canadian Red Cross has been world leader in First Aid Training for over 50 years.


1 in 5 Canadian children report being bullied regularly. Canadian Red Cross offered violence, bullying and abuse prevention workshops to nearly 700,000+ Canadians in 2014.

hello in different languages

We speak your language! Our SmartStart program—teaching migrants and refugees about emergency preparedness and First Aid— is offered in 19 languages.

aid guideCould you save a life? Download your pocket first aid guide >

Ready to respond

out in the world


We supported 1,293 communities and managed projects in 30 countries in 2014.

We provide: primary healthcare training, water and sanitation programs, landmine education, aid worker training, and so much more.


We give newborns a chance
at survival where the odds are against them through our Mother and Child Health program.

Over 13 million women and children across Africa, Asia, the Americas, and the Caribbean, have been reached with our life-saving work.


68 emergency relief operations
in 55 countries from the Sierra Leone to Syria to Vanuatu and Nepal.

globe When the world needs us, we’re there. Find out more >
What We Do Infographic