The Canadian Red Cross helps disseminate International Humanitarian Law (IHL) to government bodies, the armed forces, academia, policy makers, teachers and youth.  We hold a number of events across the country to help educate Canadians on the importance of IHL and to foster dialogue on contemporary challenges and debates. 

Summer Course on International Humanitarian Law

The Canadian Red Cross in partnership with the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa, offers an annual summer course on IHL with the goal of offering students and professionals the fundamentals of IHL and the opportunity to apply this knowledge through realistic case studies. 

For information on the 7th edition of the Summer IHL Course in 2014 please visit:

Academic conferences

One of our key goals is to promote awareness and dialogue around the importance of IHL and its application.  Through academic conferences at Canadian universities around the country, the Canadian Red Cross engages with professors, students and policy makers on issues surrounding IHL and explores contemporary trends, challenges and debates. 


 Un-Civil Wars: 10th Annual International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Conference at Dalhousie University, November 14, 2014. 

All wars challenge our humanity.  International Humanitarian Law (IHL) aims to preserve a measure of humanity amidst conflict, but when the first (IHL) treaties were adopted, the laws developed largely governed international armed conflicts (wars between two or more states).  The majority of conflicts today are non-international armed conflicts (civil wars).  What laws project women, children, detainees in these contexts?  Come explore legal justice in the most challenging contexts on earth with legal and professional experts at our tenth annual IHL Conference.

      Join the Canadian Red Cross for Our 4th Annual Exploring Humanitarian Law Teachers Conference in Ontario