Benefits of Volunteering

The reasons people volunteer are as varied as volunteer experiences themself. Some volunteers are drawn by the mission and Fundamental Principles, and find great personal reward in supporting the work of the Society. Others seek personal or program specific professional development opportunities linked to skill building, networking and community engagement.  Students often seek experience to gain workplace credibility and better understand how to work in a team. Retirees have experience and knowledge not easily found in a young workforce. They often contribute through advising, advocating or networking in order to advance the work they believe in. Research strongly supports the notion that volunteering not only contributes to the personal growth of individuals and the growth of organizations but acts as a multiplier for healthy community development that contributes to civil society.

When you become a volunteer with the Red Cross, your volunteer engagement experience is important to us. We invest in our volunteers through training to maximize learning and development opportunities, limit risk and stand out as the preferred volunteer agency of choice.