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ANNUAL OPERATIONAL REPORT: The Red Cross is Ready to Respond Throughout Quebec

Across Quebec, the Red Cross' humanitarian mission is realized through numerous activities such as emergency assistance to those affected by disasters, swimming and water safety courses, first aid courses and disaster preparedness.

The Red Cross aids 61 affected by fire in Saint-Lambert

Last night, 61 people lost everything in a massive blaze that destroyed their 45-unit apartment building. The Saint-Lambert Red Cross volunteers were mobilized immediately and began by providing moral support, warm blankets, and personal comfort kits to those affected by the fire and who were going through a difficult time. 

The Red Cross will support free activities being made available to Lac-Mégantic families during the Holidays

For many families who lost a loved one in the disaster of July 6, 2013, and for all the other residents of Lac-Mégantic accustomed to seeing the downtown area come to life at this time of the year, the Holiday Season will mark another stage in the grieving process.

Lac-Mégantic assistance program makes great strides

As one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, the Canadian Red Cross works tirelessly to provide aid and relief to those who need it most, both in Canada and abroad.

A fire in downtown Saint-Donat

Following the violent fire that destroyed several businesses and residences in downtown Saint-Donat in the Lanaudière region, Red Cross volunteers were quickly mobilized to help those who were affected.

An eleventh-hour rescue

Jonathan and his family wanted to share this gut-wrenching story to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a lifejacket. A must-read.

The Red Cross and Desjardins announce a new partnership to help those affected by disasters

The Quebec Zone of the Canadian Red Cross and Desjardins Insurance announce the creation of a joint program. This program will allow them to pool their resources to help meet the essential needs of as many affected families as possible following a disaster.

An update on the work of the Red Cross in Lac-Mégantic two months after the tragedy

Two months after the tragedy that disrupted the lives of the Lac-Mégantic community, the Red Cross continues its work to provide those affected by the disaster with the necessary support and material help needed to overcome such difficult events.

The Red Cross launches fundraising campaign for the floods in Magog

In response to the major floods that took place in Magog last Monday, the Red Cross is launching a fundraising campaign to help those affected. People wishing to make a financial donation can give online at

Red Cross response in Magog

The torrential rain that poured down on Magog last Monday, September 2, caused heavy floods and forced several families from their homes.