Manitoba Volunteer Opportunities

We are actively seeking volunteers to assist with critical emergency responses across Canada. Join our Disaster Management team today and bring relief to those who need it most!

In Manitoba, the Red Cross is specifically seeking volunteers who would like to help their fellow Manitobans deal with large disasters such as floods and forest fires, as well as small disasters, such as house fires. We are always looking for more people in different Manitoba communities to provide that helping hand to their neighbours. See the Emergency Response Team Responder posting below.
As well, the Canadian Red Cross offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to explore the available volunteer opportunities posted below. We also encourage you to contact your local Red Cross branch for opportunities in addition to those listed here.
The Canadian Red Cross does not recruit volunteers specifically for work outside of Canada. We do, however, look to our pool of experience and trained volunteers when recruiting for overseas delegate positions

Current Opportunities

Job Title Date Posted Location Application Deadline
Disaster Management – Support to Evacuation and Repatriation Team (SERT) Responder March 28, 2018 Winnipeg, MB December 31, 2018
Emergency Management Evaluation Team Volunteer July 11, 2018 Various Locations across Manitoba August 03, 2018
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Supervisor May 07, 2018 Thompson MB ; The Pas, MB December 31, 2018
Emergency Response Team (ERT) Responder September 06, 2017 Various Locations Throughout Manitoba December 31, 2018
Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) Responder September 06, 2017 Various Locations Throughout Manitoba December 31, 2018
Safety and Wellbeing (SWB) Responder Volunteer May 03, 2018 Winnipeg, Manitoba July 31, 2018
SmartStart - Injury Prevention Program Assistant April 23, 2018 Winnipeg September 30, 2018
SmartStart - Injury Prevention Facilitator April 23, 2018 Winnipeg, MB September 30, 2018