Every Day is Pink Day in Manitoba

Canadian Red Cross Pink Day 2018 in Manitoba and Nunavut will be celebrated on Feb. 28 and April 11, 2018. However, we want to keep the conversation going year-round. There are a number of ways you can join the Red Cross in promoting bullying prevention.

Schools and workplaces can register to take part in Pink Day. By registering, you will be able to access to a variety of materials that can help you plan the Pink Day celebrations for your respective school or workplace, including our resource guides that are chock full of information. To register your school or workplace, click on the appropriate link below.

Schools and workplaces can also order their shirts for Pink Day 2018. You can order after registering or you can order your shirts now. This year, there will be the same T-shirt available across Canada in both English and French, for schools and workplaces. To order shirts for your school or workplace, click here.

To order shirts for your school or workplace, click here. The deadline for ordering shirts for the April 11 Pink Day is March 2.

One of the returning events for 2018 is the Canadian Red Cross Pink Day Film Festival. We encourage you to watch the incredible videos created by students from Manitoba and Nunavut that can be found by going to the Canadian Red Cross – Manitoba YouTube channel.

To watch the replay of the 2018 Pink Day Film Festival, which emanated from Winnipeg’s Maple Leaf School on Feb. 28, go to here

The Canadian Red Cross believes that every child should be treated with respect. As a national leader in violence, abuse and bullying prevention, the Red Cross works with students and educators across Manitoba and Nunavut. As part of its bullying prevention programming, the Canadian Red Cross leads the support of Pink Day in both Manitoba and Nunavut for schools and workplaces.

Remember, when you stand up to bullying, you can #BeSomeonesHero.

There are different ways to get involved with Canadian Red Cross Pink Day 2018.



Register your school now to find out more about celebrating Pink Day 2018. Register your workplace to take part in Pink Day 2017 and receive information on how to take part in the celebration.

Parents and Communities

Click here to find out how you can help your children or your community support be a part of Red Cross Pink Day.

Stand for Respect everyday


Learn how you can prevent bullying every day of the year through Red Cross programs. Help educate Manitoba youth about bullying prevention.

If you have any questions about Red Cross Pink Day in Manitoba please email : MB.RespectED@redcross.ca.