Every Day is Pink Day in Manitoba

Canadian Red Cross Pink Day 2017 continues with the second official day coming up on April 12. The Red Cross is excited to join with schools and workplaces across Manitoba and Nunavut to celebrate bullying prevention and standing for respect.

It is not too late for your school or workplace to register to participate in the second Pink Day. You can find out how to register below. By registering, you will have access to resource guides and other information.

The first Pink Day of 2017 was held on Feb. 22 and featured an incredible celebration with the third annual Canadian Red Cross Pink Day Film Festival, held in Winnipeg. The festival featured 20 short videos made by Kindergarten to Grade 12 students from Manitoba and Nunavut.

If you missed the festival, you can still see the incredible work of these student filmmakers by going to the Canadian Red Cross – Manitoba YouTube channel.

The Canadian Red Cross believes that every child should be treated with respect. As a national leader in violence, abuse and bullying prevention, the Red Cross works with students and educators across Manitoba and Nunavut. As part of its bullying prevention programming, the Canadian Red Cross leads the support of Pink Day in both Manitoba and Nunavut for schools and workplaces.

The theme of this year’s Pink Day is #HeroesAssemble as the Red Cross is calling on people across Manitoba and Nunavut to recognize individuals and groups who promote respect, kindness and bullying prevention through their actions and words.

Promoting respect and kindness, and speaking out about bullying is heroic. #HeroesAssemble
There are different ways to get involved with Canadian Red Cross Pink Day 2017.



Register your school now to receive a school resource toolkit, which includes lots of ideas of how your school can celebrate Pink Day in 2017. Register your workplace to take part in Pink Day 2017 and receive a workplace resource guide, which includes suggestions on how your workplace can celebrate Pink Day.

Parents and Communities

Click here to find out how you can help your children or your community support be a part of Red Cross Pink Day.

Stand for Respect everyday


Learn how you can prevent bullying every day of the year through Red Cross programs. Help educate Manitoba youth about bullying prevention.

If you have any questions about Red Cross Pink Day in Manitoba please email : MB.RespectED@redcross.ca.