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Alberta News and Stories

Alberta volunteer receives the Order of Red Cross

Mary-Jane Dawson was recently awarded the Order of the Red Cross, as a result of her hard​ work and dedication to the ideals of the Red Cross.

Helping your neighbours

When Judith Wilson saw images of the flood-devastated community of High River, Alberta, it was hard to believe that it was only a short drive away from her Okotoks home.

Red Cross Call Centre Opens for Recovery Assistance

For Albertans who have been impacted the flood, which stormed Calgary and the surrounding area a month ago, the Canadian Red Cross has been conducting confidental interviews based on their disaster-caused needs through its call centre. 

Supporting clean-up efforts in Calgary

Red Cross was recently in the Calgary community of Bowness to distribute household cleanup kits to residents whose homes were affected by the flooding.

Red Cross outlines plan for donor dollars for recovery phase in Alberta

Canadian Red Cross today outlined how it will use generous donor dollars to help affected Albertans transition from the relief to the recovery phase following the devastating floods.

From rodeo grounds to distribution centre in High River

With most of the town still under water or severely damaged by the flood, finding a dry area to set up a distribution centre in High River seemed unlikely.

Canadian banks accepting donations for Red Cross relief efforts in Lac-Mégantic

The Canadian Red Cross is pleased to announce that ten banks in Canada are accepting cash donations in support of Red Cross relief efforts in Lac-Mégantic following a major fire caused by a train explosion.

Swimming lessons are for life

An average of 400 Canadians drown each year. While the ability to swim is important, swimming skills alone aren’t always enough to save a life.

Red Cross celebrates Canada Day by supporting flood-affected Albertans

There’s nothing more Canadian than helping others, and that is exactly what Canadian Red Cross volunteers did as they continued to actively support ongoing relief efforts for those affected by the Alberta floods. 

Red Cross announces community outreach strategy for those affected by Alberta floods

Canadian Red Cross today outlined how it will help affected residents recover from the largest floods in Alberta’s history.