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Alberta News and Stories

Canadian Red Cross responds to fires in Alberta

Massive wildfires have triggered the largest fire-related evacuation in Alberta history with more than 70,000 individuals displaced due to evacuation orders. 

Red Cross returns independence to family affected by 2013 floods

The Red Cross helped return a little piece of independence to a High River family after the 2013 floods damaged their most important means of transportation.

2016 IHL Conference: Questioning Humanitarianism and Security

In 2015, Canada, along with the United States and several countries in Western Europe, opened its borders to thousands of Syrian refugees. 

Library re-opening helps community recover

The re-opening of High River’s restored library represents another milestone in the town’s recovery from the 2013 floods. Recently, the rebuilt and renovated High River Centennial Library officially opened its doors again. 

Alberta Flood Permit Grant Program extended through 2015

It's a Christmas present Janet Boyd has been waiting for. The Calgary senior’s home, is finally rebuilt 18 months after the Alberta floods destroyed it. 

Holiday Help in High River

With the holiday season approaching, many High River families are still reeling financially as they try to put their lives back together after the Alberta floods of 2013.

High River home repairs

Chuck Shifflett’s house stood for more than a century in High River until last year’s floods nearly swept it into the history books.

Rebuilding After the Alberta Floods: Flood Permit Grant Program

More than a year after the Alberta floods, a Calgary senior feels hopeful for the first time as re-building finally begins on her home. (Photo credit: J. Keith Howie)

Stay in school: Backpacks for children

Settling six children in Calgary schools this fall is an ongoing challenge for Chasity Daniels as she struggles to find a large, affordable home in the city’s tight rental market. Last year’s Alberta floods damaged the family’s home on the Siksika Nation and eventually forced them to move.  So, the recent offer of bright, new backpacks filled with school supplies was a welcome surprise.

Alberta Floods: Red Cross supports Neighbour Day celebrations

Because Red Cross recognizes the importance of community spirit, resiliency and the contribution of volunteers, it offered small grants to flood-impacted community associations organizing Neighbour Day events in Calgary.