Teacher Resources available in Saskatchewan

The Red Cross has several resources available for Saskatchewan teachers. To book a presentation or find out more information please contact us at jeanny.buan@redcross.ca or 306-668-0712.

Bullying Prevention

Beyond the Hurt  
Train youth to be bullying prevention presenters 
  • This training equips youth to deliver the Beyond the Hurt bullying prevention workshop to their younger counterparts and peers.
Train adults to be bullying prevention presenters  
  • Adult Prevention Educators can directly deliver the Beyond the Hurt bullying prevention workshop to youth aged 11 and up.
Saskatchewan Roughrider Red Cross bullying prevention presentation 
  • This 1.5 hour presentation is delivered by a Saskatchewan Roughrider player who has been trained to present about bullying prevention by the Red Cross. The player will speak to the students about how to take a stand and stop bullying before it starts.
Red Cross bullying prevention presentation
  • This three hour presentation will help youth understand: bullying and harassment; how they can use their personal power to build positive and healthier relationships; how to find and use resources to respond to bullying and harassment, including cyberbullying.
Beyond the Hurt Saskatchewan Curriculum Inclusions

More information, tips and facts can be found here.   

Child Abuse Prevention
Learn about Personal safety for children ages 5-9

Be Safe Resource Kit 
  • This Personal Safety program for children aged 5-9 has a focus on preventing child sexual abuse.
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Preventing Injuries

Babysitting Course
  • This 8 hour course gives youth basic first aid and caregiving skills.
  • This four level program teaches safety awareness and first aid skills to elementary school-aged children.


Disaster Preparedness

Disaster preparednessHelp students learn about and prepare for emergencies and disasters

Help students learn about preventing the spread of germs

Help students deal with the emotional impact of emergencies and disasters

International Humanitarian Law 

For questions about any International Humanitarian Law resources please contact Norm Jakubowski at 306-721-1611 or norm.jakubowski@redcross.ca

Exploring Humanitarian Law  

  • This 2-3 day training certifies Saskatchewan teachers to use the Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) Education Resource. EHL is a resource pack for teachers to introduce students aged 13 to 18 to the basic rules of international humanitarian law. The resource is recommended by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education for social studies 20, law 30 and history 20. EHL matches various learning outcomes using contemporary issues and world events.
 Facing Fear  
  • A flexible curriculum aimed at helping young people aged 5-16 be prepared for disasters and deal with the aftermath of war, terrorism and tragic events, whether they occur at home or elsewhere in the world.
Children and War Toolkit 
  • This toolkit is designed to engage young people in the issue of children affected by conflict. It explores the realities children face in conflict zones and the basic knowledge needed to take action.
Weapons and War Toolkit  
  • A toolkit helps young people understand issues related to international humanitarian law and the use of weapons, and the impact weapons have on civilians during and after armed conflicts.
  • This is a role-playing activity that explores civil conflict and international humanitarian law. This exercise helps students understand the complexity of armed conflicts and the difficulty in humanitarian decision-making in crises.
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Peace by Piece

A curriculum-linked, classroom-based resource that helps grades 3-6 students explore global humanitarian issues and understand how their local actions contribute to a worldwide culture of peace.