Red Cross Services

  • Family reunification: The chaos and confusion that accompany emergencies and natural disasters can separate families when they need each other most. Red Cross helps people re-establish contact with immediate family members after separation due to natural disasters and other humanitarian crises.
  • Emergency lodging:  After a disaster or emergency, safe, temporary lodging is provided to persons who cannot return home and cannot find alternate accommodations.
  • Reception and information: The purpose of the reception and information services is to greet evacuees, provide information regarding services provided within the centre and provide access control to the facility.
  • Emergency food: Food is provided to evacuees, emergency workers and disaster volunteers through various means which may include vouchers, meals at a shelter, or referral to another agency.
  • Emergency clothing: We provide evacuees access to basic clothing through various means which may include purchasing, providing vouchers or referral to other agencies.
  • Personal services: Personal services offers first aid, temporary care for unattended children and dependent elderly, provides or arranges for provision of material assistance, and offers emotional support to people with needs created or aggravated by a disaster.