How We Help Canadians

Disasters can strike anytime and anywhere and those in need can’t wait; their needs are urgent. The Canadian Red Cross helps vulnerable communities in Canada affected by emergencies and disaster – from situations ranging from individual house fires, power outages and floods to wildfires and hurricanes, which disrupt entire regions.

Before a disaster happens, the Canadian Red Cross is hard at work in your local community, planning for the unexpected. We build relationships with local government and make sure we have supplies nearby. We are also always training our volunteer base. Following a disaster in Canada, Red Cross workers provide vital assistance for people’s basic needs, including

If you have been affected by a Personal Disaster, click here to find out about our emergency services and how to contact us.

We work in partnership with first responders, emergency managers and public officials to support their response activities. We also work in collaboration with other voluntary sector organizations.

All Red Cross assistance is provided free of charge thanks to thousands of volunteers who give their time to train extensively and respond. Our services also rely on the generous financial support of individual and corporate donors. If you want to help, you can do so by volunteering your resources or by donating now.

Download a brochure about what the Canadian Red Cross does in disasters and emergencies.