Hurricane Matthew Response 2016

In early October 2016, Hurricane Matthew, a very powerful and long-lived tropical cyclone brought widespread destruction and major loss of life on its journey across the Western Atlantic, causing devastation in parts of Haiti, Cuba, Dominican Republic and the southeastern United States.

To date, millions of people have been impacted in the Caribbean and hundreds of thousands are in need of humanitarian assistance. There is a great need for healthcare and access to clean drinking water, as the potential for waterborne illnesses and disease outbreaks is high following heavy rains and flooding. The hurricane has also wreaked havoc in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

With the storm causing damages estimated in excess of $9-billion CAD as of mid-October 2016, it was also the costliest Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Thanks to the outpouring of generosity from across Canada and around the world, the Canadian Red Cross is providing vital assistance to the people affected by Hurricane Matthew.

Canadians can help those affected by Hurricane Matthew by donating to the Hurricane Matthew Appeal.

Red Cross Response in the United States

The American Red Cross has launched a massive emergency response operation to assist those impacted by Hurricane Matthew. A widespread sheltering effort has been mobilized spanning four states including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

The Canadian Red Cross is providing support through the provision of personnel and stock items, including nearly 5,000 clean-up kits. Canadian Red Cross personnel have deployed to support American Red Cross relief operations in the States following Hurricane Matthew. The Canadian Red Cross remains on standby to provide further support as needed.

Red Cross Response in Haiti

Haiti was the country most impacted by the storm. As of October 20, it is estimated that 2.1 million people in the southwest of Haiti have been affected by Hurricane Matthew and 350,000 people are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. A little over 175,000 people are still displaced.

The Government of Canada, working with the Canadian Red Cross, has sent relief supplies to support emergency relief operations in Haiti. The Canadian Red Cross has had an ongoing operation in Haiti for many years, with personnel in the area. Many of the relief items being distributed have a focus on disease prevention to help prevent the spread of cholera including water purification tablets, chlorine solution and hygiene kits.

Canadian Red Cross aid workers have been deployed to support the Red Cross Movement response in Haiti. The Canadian Red Cross has a roster of additional trained personnel ready to be deployed if requested.

Canadian Red Cross Sends Emergency Health Clinic to Haiti

The Canadian Red Cross has deployed its Emergency Health Clinic in a joint effort with the French Red Cross, to help support several communities in Haiti affected by Hurricane Matthew. The Emergency Health Clinic team will work in cooperation with the Haitian Ministry of Health and the Haitian Red Cross.

Health services will be provided through a mobile clinic, bringing care to hard-to-reach communities where health posts have been damaged or destroyed. The mobile clinic will provide:
  • treatment of minor trauma and wounds
  • targeted tetanus immunization
  • basic prenatal care
  • treatment of common infections in adults and children
  • treatment of chronic diseases
The mobile clinic will also be used to carry out prevention activities to decrease the risk of cholera transmission and monitor for outbreaks.

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Donor Updates

Canadian Red Cross is committed to providing information on our operations and on how donations are being spent. As our work in response to Hurricane Matthew continues, regular donor updates will be made available here.