Community Partnerships BC Fires 2017

Throughout the recovery process, the Canadian Red Cross works in partnership with community organizations towards the relief, recovery and resilience building of communities affected by disasters.

Community organizations play a critical role in recovery from disasters by helping to identify needs and gaps in services, leading coordination of recovery initiatives, providing services for the most vulnerable, and building community resilience to future emergencies.

Project grants are available for non-profits, charities, and other community organizations working towards the relief and recovery of communities impacted by the 2017 British Columbia Fires.

For a full list of projects funded to date please click here.

The Community Partnerships Program team is here to help explain and guide you through the grant application process. Please contact us to discuss your idea before applying:


The Community Partnerships Program funds projects by community organizations working towards relief, recovery and resilience building of those affected by the 2017 British Columbia Fires.

There is currently no deadline to apply. Applications for funding will be assessed in monthly rounds closing on the last day of each month. You may submit your application at any time however applications will be assessed in batches depending on the month they were submitted.

Please be aware that the assessment process generally takes approximately 3 months to complete.

All applications will be assessed against standard criteria found in the program Guidelines: only applications that are eligible and that score well against the assessment criteria can be considered for funding.

The funding amount that you request should reflect what you need for your project. There is currently no minimum or maximum amount that may be requested.



If you are concerned you may be ineligible but have a strong rationale for your initiative or organization, or if you have any additional questions or need assistance, please contact us: