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Haiti Earthquake Response

Thanks to the generosity of individual Canadians, corporations and all levels of government, the Canadian Red Cross has raised over $225 million to support relief efforts in Haiti.

Five years after the devastating earthquake, the Canadian Red Cross continues to help earthquake survivors rebuild and recover. In addition to responding to emergencies, as was the case in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, the Red Cross is continuing its long-term recovery efforts to ensure communities can build a stronger and healthier future.

Many people were left homeless by the devastating earthquake. It was a Red Cross priority to provide Haitians with better, stronger housing to ensure survivors had a safe place to live. As part of the overall sheltering efforts, the Canadian Red Cross has provided over 7,500 families with earthquake- and hurricane-resistant homes, providing essential stability and protection to Haitiís most vulnerable people.

The Canadian Red Cross is also helping to build stronger and safer communities through health, violence prevention and disaster risk reduction programming. The Canadian Red Cross has invested $35 million over five years to strengthen the healthcare system, including helping to rebuild a hospital and health clinics in the southeast region of Jacmel. Additionally, more than 420,000 people have been educated through violence prevention activities. As Haiti is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, the Red Cross is working alongside communities to build local disaster risk reduction capacities so that communities are better prepared the next time disaster strikes.