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Disaster Preparedness and Response

Year after year, Haiti faces risks associated with disasters, and most commonly, hurricanes. The earthquake on January 12, 2010, Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Matthew, which struck the Southwest on October 4, 2016, made communities even more vulnerable than before. Heavy rains, which cause landslides and flooding, are of particular concern.

In addition to supporting affected families, the Red Cross focuses on disaster response readiness and works with communities to help them prepare for disasters and mitigate risk.

Disaster preparedness and response activities include:

  • Sending text messages with disaster preparedness tips
  • Training emergency response teams
  • Storing relief items for quick distribution
  • Helping families mitigate risks within their communities
  • Strengthening the regional Haitian Red Cross branches by providing disaster management and disaster risk reduction training to hundreds of volunteers and staff
  • Equipping effective emergency operations centres at headquarters
  • Building a Southeast office in Jacmel and rehabilitating the one in Les Nippes